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Meet some of the inspiring Yoga Gurus we have worked with....

Jess Neff - E-RYT 200 Yoga Instructor has her foundation in Hatha yoga, and with experience in Vinyasa Flow, Pranayama, as well as Yin & Restorative yoga.  She loves to guide her students through Yoga Nidra as an additional dedication to meditation.  Her classes fuse Attitude, Alignment & Action with the foundations of muscle energy & organic energy… guiding her students to open their hearts and their minds.  With a strong focus on alignment, Jess also loves to weave in themes and time for inversion play into her classes.  She has practiced Yoga for 9 years, and has spent the past 7 years living, studying& teaching yoga in Bali, Maui, Sydney, and New Zealand.  Jess is the Executive Director at Yoga Yojana, a successful yoga production company coordinating international retreats, workshops, and trainings, and is blessed to work regularly with the yogis & yoginis at

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Les Leventhal - E-RYT 500
Vinyasa Flow Yoga - 
one of San Francisco's most beloved yoga teachers, leading workshops, trainings and retreats around the world. His Vinyasa classes and workshops are filled with technique and alignment cues for all levels, including beginners. Variations and longer sequences will also challenge and inspire seasoned practitioners.

Having completed Ana Forrest's teacher training, then studying and assisting extensively with her, Les' studies and ceremonies are steeped in the Forrest tradition. Les has also completed several trainings with Tias Little, who continues to deepen and strengthen his appreciation of alignment. In his classes, you will have the opportunity to heal your heart, laugh, cry, dance, sweat and just let go.

One of the things that is so important to me as I continue on this path towards my true Sava pose is to always be a student, then a student teacher, then a teacher. I found teaching because I had such passion as a student. Although things do shift, I want to always continue exploring as a student and continue studying with amazing teachers and amazing people. There's never been a single yoga class that I've attended where I haven't learned something new and had a chance to explore more intuitively how I hold my yoga on and off the mat, how the rolling out of my mat truly reflects my life off that mat and where I tend to hold the more challenging aspects of this lifetime in my body.

Bex Tryer - E-RYT 500 -Vinyasa Flow, Restorative, Acroyoga, Morning Flow, Yoga Activism (Also teaches Hatha, Power Yoga, Yin and Thai Yoga Body Work) 


With a background in Development studies, journalism and social work, Bex's approach to yoga is one that honors the need for individual self study with the aim of improving interpersonal relations and common-unity. Bex has studied yoga since 2001, inspired by teachers such as Seane Corne, Simon Park, Govinda Jai, John Scott and Dharma Mittra.  

Teaching yoga in a wide range of environments from the slums of Kolkata to the confines of the Occupied Palestinian Territories. By combing asana, meditation and pranayama, Bex provides an opportunity to explore the Spiritual through the Physical. Bex works to bring the study of yoga off the mat and into the practice of Life. "Yoga is a way to focus within, and by doing so expand our awareness, bringing increased responsibility to live in alignment with the men and women we came here to be. Peace".



Emily Kuser - E-RYT500 Yoga Instructor has been practicing yoga for over 18 years and teaching yoga for 8. She has studied thousands of hours with incredibly respected Anusara, Shadow, Ashtanga and Jivamukti instructors worldwide. Emily has lived in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia for over 5 years and currently teaches Anusara Yoga at The Yoga Barn. She regularly leads her highly respected and sought out High Vibe Yoga Immersions at Michael Franti’s Soulshine Villa in Ubud and is a key organizer in the the annual Bali Spirit Festival, assisting in the management of 500+ internationally renowned yogis, musicians and dancers each year. Prior to living in Indonesia, she was a writer for LA Yoga magazine in Los Angeles, CA covering community projects and interviewing yogis while teaching regular yoga classes along the California coast. Emily loves to weave storytelling, proper alignment and high vibes into her  yoga teachings.

Sianna Sherman is an internationally celebrated yoga innovator who shares her passionate voice with devotion, deep practice, and soulful teaching. She is known as an inspired storyteller and as a community activator of conscious and collective collaboration. Her initiation into the fires of yoga occurred in 1989 and she has been immersed in the practices ever since. In 2008 she was featured in Yoga Journal as one of the 21 talented young teachers shaping the future of yoga worldwide. Sianna weaves alignment, therapeutics, potent sequencing, mythology, Tantra and the power of the practices with accessibility for everyday transformation. Her Mythic Yoga Flow offerings have garnered a global following where she pours mythic consciousness into the embodied art of yoga with unhindered creativity and love. 


For 15 years Sianna served as a leading Anusara yoga teacher. She credits these years as being a tremendous source of her own growth as a teacher and always holds the Anusara community with great affection. In her extensive apprenticeship with John Friend, she cultivated deep understanding for the therapeutic application of biomechanical principles of alignment always connected to the highest rememberance of opening to Grace. Some of Sianna's other primary yoga influences are Ashtanga yoga with Richard Freeman and Sri.K Pattabhi Jois, Vinyasa yoga, Iyengar yoga, and Kundalini yoga. Her primary orientation of Yoga philosophy is Tantra and her most influential teachers are Paul Muller-Ortega and Douglas Brooks. In addition to the path of yoga and Tantra, Sianna's influences are vast. She has deeply studied in herbal apprenticeships, story-telling, music, dance, priestess traditions, plant spirit medicines, martial arts, Thai massage, bodywork, Acro yoga, poetry, hula hooping, and shamanism. Among her influences in the folkloric ways of women, Sianna offers her blessings to the following teachers: Gina McGarry, Jahanara Mangus, Mara Levin, Cascade Anderson Geller, Susun Weed, Rosemary Gladstar, Holly Hamilton and Brenda Rose Villa. To the oral traditions of story-telling, indigenous to the Native American and Celtic lineages, she wishes to thank Martin Prechtel and John O'Donahue. To her Open to Grace family that keeps her humming and alive in the most glowing and vibrant way, she offers her never ending praise and adulation. And to the perfect flow of the Maha Shakti who guides her every step of the way and ushered her forth to the most magical love with Theo, she bows in full pranam. Sianna offers an eternal garland of never-fading, alway fragrant lotus flowers to the Divine Mother.

With immense respect for all traditions, Sianna bows to the light and wisdom of all her teachers on this path of the heart awakening.

Om Mane Padme Hum

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